Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

Slot game is very simple to play and this simplicity makes it one of the most popular casino games both in online and actual casinos. Most of the slot games have some symbols on the reels which are familiar to the slot players. Some of these symbols are special which represent bigger payouts. These special types of symbols are known as the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol functions different from other slot symbols. If you are unfamiliar with this special symbol, you may think of it as the other ordinary symbols. For this reason, some casinos animate the scatter symbols to differentiate it from ordinary slot game symbols. Some people confuse the scatter symbols with the wild symbols. Wild symbols are not able to replace scatter symbols. Most online casinos slot games have scatter symbols. Wanting to see these symbols increases the payout. An increased payout means more chances to win in the online slot games.

Before engaging into a lost game, knowing the payout options is always a good idea. The amount that the scatter symbols pay depends on the casinos. So it important to consult about how much the scatter symbols pay. These symbols add more fun and twist to the game and make the regular slot games even more interesting. Scatter symbols brings more excitement to the game and players constantly keep their eyes on these symbols.

Scatter symbols multiple the total payouts. In most online casinos, these symbols trigger additional bonus rounds or games which give the player more chances to win. Slot games are real fun to play. While playing a game, it is important to keep an eye on the scatter symbols after pressing the spin button. With multiplied bet and addition winning chances, the scatter symbols are now considered as one of the best casino bonuses.