Live Dealer Roulette At Global Live Casino Affords An Equally Pleasurable Experience As The Land-Based Version!

If there is any difference between a live dealer roulette game played online and the real one; it is that playing online entails viewing dealers from home through a live broadcast from a casino with the help of the latest Distance Gaming technology. Other than that everything else remains the same, and the live online version is played by the same set of rules.

Global Live Casino offers European Roulette, which is the same as the French game that originated in France, and uses a single zero, thus reducing the house advantage. The beauty of playing online is that the game is absolutely the same and nothing changes.

Just like the real game, the main concept of live dealer roulette at Global Live Casino is the spinning of a wheel, with a ball thrown in the opposite direction to the spin of the wheel. The idea is for the player to guess where the ball is going to land and this is done by placing bets. As is known to everyone, roulette is a game of luck and the chances of winning are solely dependant on luck. Of course, there are many that believe that with a certain amount of skill, roulette can be won.

The advantage of playing roulette at a reputed casino like Global Live Casino is the high payouts and bonuses. The casino offers not just the live dealer version of the game but also the regular roulette; however, most of the experienced players who are used to playing at real casinos prefer the live dealer roulette, which brings the full-of-life real-world casino environment they are so used to.

Players divulge that getting addicted to the live dealer roulette online is easier than with the regular online version. But the live version is not just meant for the experienced but also for beginners who can enjoy a great game of roulette from their homes. Being an easy game to learn, roulette has become one of the most favorite casino games both at land-based casinos as well as online.