Chemin de Fre System

Chermin de Fer is the European version of baccarat, and varies from American baccarat in many ways. If you're accustomed to American baccarat, you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with these differences before you join a European game. Chermin de Fer is especially popular in France.

Role of the Banker

In European baccarat, the players themselves take turns acting as banker. When a player is in the role of banker, he or she is responsible for collecting winning bank bets and distributing winnings to players. If desired, players may pass on their opportunity to play this role. With European baccarat, the casino provides only the table, cards, dealer and croupier. In exchange, the casino takes 5% of the winning bets.

Rules for Players

European baccarat has slightly different rules for players than American baccarat. The most notable change is the way the 5 is treated. In American baccarat, you must draw if you have a 5. In Chermin de Fer, you may either stand or draw on a 5. You will be dealt another card on a score between 0 and 4, and you must stand if you have 6 through 9.

Unlike slots which operate in the same general manner in both European and American casinos, baccarat is a game that is distinctly different. Once you're familiar with the new rules, you'll find that joining a European game offers an exciting new twist with the ability to act as the banker yourself from time to time.